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Over the years, the Windy Quilters has grown to about eight "core" members and some occasional drop-ins who meet on Tuesday evenings at the Springdale Community Bible Church on Lucas Road in Springdale.

The focus of the quilters began as a group of women who wanted to learn or improve their quilting techniques. It has grown into a group of women who spend a great deal of time lovingly stitching quilts to comfort members of the community who are experiencing or recovering from a serious illness or family disaster such as a fire.

Besides making comfort quilts throughout the year, the Windy Quilters stage a quilt show each July at the Corbett 4th of July Fun Festival. The show is held in the cafeteria of the grade school on the Historic Columbia River Highway in Corbett, OR. At this show, we demonstrate quilting techniques, answer questions from those who come to view the quilts, show between 30 and 40 quilts, some new and some old, and raffle a quilt.

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If you would like more information about the Windy Quilters, you can contact us by e-mail ::here:: or by calling Judy Norby at 503 695 5569.



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