Official Voters Pamphlet Statement

I have lived in Corbett for almost ten years. I grew up in a similar small town at the opposite end of the Gorge. My husband’s family has lived in Corbett since the early seventies. We have one child attending the District Grade School, a second to begin next fall.

I am very passionate about the education of children and it is my top priority. I have been following Corbett schools since 2009 by seeking information, asking questions, and attending community and board meetings. I am dedicated and have a long term interest in our schools.

I believe we need transparency and accountability of the board. I feel concerns submitted should be publicly available and a response from the board should be mandatory. Our community members deserve this respect and acknowledgement from it’s elected officials. I also feel we need more community and parent involvement in the decision making processes.

Some wonderful things are continuing to happen within our schools I Some astonishing achievements have been made despite the ongoing funding crisis. I believe there is always room for improvements. As a new board member I will be committed to working with the board on improving areas such as: community involvement, financial prioritizing, insuring checks and balances of educational philosophies, open dialogue and information availability, as well as improvements to current safety procedures. I believe Corbett is more than solely it’s schools. Corbett is a way of life, something that is sacred and needs to be recognized and preserved. If you share my beliefs, let’s add some fresh perspectives and pass the torch to the next generation! Together we can work to insure the best possible well rounded education, for every single child, while also preserving our community!

Vote Karina Lande Position 5, Thank You


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