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I want to thank you all in advance for taking the time to learn about my reasons for running for Corbett School Board Position 4. For those of you who do not know me, I look forward to showing you I am an honest, dedicated person who believes in our children and community. I hope the answers below will help prove this to you.

1.Why are you running for the CSD board?
I believe the children of our community deserve the safest environment to gain the best education to prepare them to be leaders of the future. The Corbett Community and the Corbett School District combined have the capacity to create great innovators and leaders. If you vote for me, I will dedicate my term to researching and implementing the best practices for achieving these goals. I know the Corbett School District has had high rankings and if elected I intend to make decisions to ensure we continue to provide high quality education. Our district has not experienced any of the tragedies that others have endured and I would make it my top priority to ensure that the best practices for the safety of our children are followed. I am running for the Corbett School Board for my children and the children of the Corbett Community. If I am selected by the community for this position, all of my decisions will be made with the children’s best interest in mind.

2. What impact do you hope to have on the board?
My biggest impact on the board will be my unwavering commitment to the children and community as our children are a reflection of the community in which they are raised. Corbett brings a sense of pride to my heart as my family has called Corbett home for over a century. If elected, I hope to instill this pride into all of the people my decisions impact directly and indirectly. As a new member of the board, I would bring an open mind for developing fresh ideas and solutions. My experience working in the judicial system has taught me that the best and most reasonable solutions come from listening to all the information and being open to considering all ideas. This will be a guiding principle for me as I feel everyone deserves to be heard, and I believe an effective school board is comprised of individuals willing to communicate and compromise.

As a parent, I also know our children learn communication skills and social behaviors under their school’s supervision. These learned behaviors will influence our children physically, psychologically and socially for the rest of their lives. I feel the school board should make it a priority to find ways to enhance the students’ sense of community and teach the benefits of communication and cooperation. The board should also be responsible for modeling communication and cooperation for not only the children but everyone else they come in contact with. If elected to the board, I can promise that I will always be the best role model I can be and a proud representative of our community. Children learn from their leaders and I will be an honest leader who uses credible information and extensive communication to work towards solutions.

3. What new ideas might you bring to the position you are running for?
I believe it is the combination of new and old ideas that work towards lasting solutions. Through honest information sharing and positive communication, the board can develop and implement solutions and monitor the outcomes to ensure our children are receiving the maximum benefits. Information should come from the teachers, parents, community members, caregivers, administrators, the board and all the many other key influences in our children’s life. Positive communication should be occurring between the board, the administration, the community and any other group or individual who can contribute to furthering our children’s education. I will continually look for the best ideas and solutions from as many resources as I have at my disposal. I will use research and knowledge to guide my decision making processes and encourage the other board members to do the same. I will also encourage a free flow of ideas and information sharing from all parties involved in as many ways as possible, such as bi-monthly meetings for all interested parties to share ideas and concerns. This open forum will provide a voice for the community.

4. What are the strengths you have to bring to this position?
I am a goal driven individual who carefully considers all the details in order to execute effective plans. One of my main goals would be to ensure that my children and the children of our community will be prepared to follow their dreams in a safe environment with administration and teachers providing the best education. If we are entrusting the safety and schooling of our children to the Corbett School District, the board should be providing the checks and balances to ensure that the best practices are being followed by the district. As we all know this principle is important, for it is the basic principle our country has used since our government was formed.

I work with lawyers who are excellent at arguing and masters in the art of persuasion. However, if I have a doubt, I locate the rule, law or fact to show I am correct. I have earned their respect for doing this and they always appreciate that I do not take their word for it and that I go to the source to find the answer. I plan to use knowledge and information from reliable sources to guide my decisions. I will share the information I obtain with the board to inform them and encourage positive communication. I will not be intimidated from voicing my points, and I will always be willing to find a compromise as no solution is an unacceptable resolution to the problem.

As a parent, I know that the safety of our children is the number one priority when we leave them in the care of others. Being a parent with children in the district will be a strength in this position because I will make safety one of my top priorities. I believe there should be safety policies and procedures for all situations that may or could arise and that these policies and procedures should be audited every year.

5.What do you feel are the challenges facing the CSD and school board today and what would you like to see happen to address them?

Managing the budget in any public school is always a challenge. I believe that a fair and balanced budget can be achieved through positive communication and cooperation between all the parties involved. Bringing in students from out of the district and the Corbett Charter School have been solutions to our budget shortfalls, but are these solutions the best for the Corbett children and community? Population increase can create issues in any setting and I
would address these possible issues by determining the impact the population increase has had and work with all the interested parties to find the best solutions. I do not believe any students should be removed from the district as this would be unjust, but I do believe that continuing to increase the student population is going to create more problems than it will solve. We need to look into other avenues to deal with the budget shortfalls. Being so reliant on these solutions can end up failing our children if legislation changes or these solutions are no longer available.

Deciding what to do with the facilities of the Corbett Schools is another huge challenge the board and the district face. It will be a decision that needs community ideas, input and support. There have been numerous bonds proposed for supporting our schools yet the most recent have failed to pass. As a community member, I have never been informed as to the school’s need for these bonds. There are many community members without children in the school. We will need their support and to gain their support they will need to be informed. It is unreasonable to expect any voter to approve a bond without having enough information to determine if this is a valid need. There is a facilities committee formed which is a great start, but if I had not been working on being elected to the board, I would have had no clue this committee existed. I would also not know that the middle school has been classified as dangerous. The board needs to actively engage the community in this process as a passive approach will not provide our children with a safe learning environment. I intend to recommend that the board holds community meetings and takes surveys to see what the community would like to see happen with the most pressing issue of the dangerous Corbett Middle School. I would also recommend they determine what the community needs to vote to pass a bond.

Another issue the board faces has become obvious to me throughout this campaign. It appears as though the board is divided. While it is functional to have different opinions, it is dysfunctional for board members to not work together as a group. If elected to the board, I would encourage all board members to remember that they are here to serve the children and should do whatever it takes to work together as a cohesive group. According to Board Policy, board members should “Respect the opinion of others and graciously accept the principal of “majority rule” in Board decisions”. It is extremely important that board members show respect to everyone as they are role models for the children and the community.

As a board member, I will be involved in problem solving the challenges the Corbett School District faces. Problem solving needs plans and people to execute those plans. Long lasting solutions require continued communication and planning to ensure our children are receiving the most beneficial outcomes. I will do everything I can to ensure we are providing the safest and best education we possibly can for all of our children.

Thank you for your consideration. Please see my facebook page Carrie Evans for Corbett Schools. Feel free to email me at Evansforcorbettschools@gmail.com with any questions or comments.

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Voters’ Pamphlet Statement

I have lived in Corbett my entire life. My family has been a part of the Corbett Community for over a century and has had five generations attend Corbett Schools. I have two children entering the Corbett School District soon as well as many friends and family with children currently in the District, so it is extremely important to me that the administration is providing the safest and best learning environment for our children.

While I have no experience on a school board, I have worked with the judicial system and legal community for over 10 years. This experience has helped me develop a keen sense for details as well as being able to understand multiple views to incorporate them all into the big picture. My work experience has taught me to not accept the persuasive words of others as fact without doing my own research and to question when things do not make sense. I believe this will be an asset in making informed decisions if elected. As a new board member, I will be a fresh set of eyes for finding new ideas for improving and ensuring the future of Corbett Schools.

If I am elected, I will foster communication with community members. As the safety of our children is crucial, I will take all steps possible to ensure the best practices are being followed. Funding for education is always an issue and continuing to increase the student population frorn outside the District is not the best solution for our community and schools. Therefore, I would make it a priority to find alternatives for the budget shortfall while keeping the children’s best interest in mind.

Thank you for your consideration.


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