Official Voters Pamphlet Statement


I am a long-time resident of Corbett, where my wife Catherine and I have contributed to
building a great community and raised two daughters who attended Corbett Schools. I
deeply appreciate the history and the accomplishments of the district and the efforts of
other hardworking members of the community who have helped to preserve one of
Corbett’s greatest assets. I thank all who voted for me and who have helped in this work
over the last four years.
I believe board members should consider students first, whether supporting the
continuation of the good work of the schools or making significant financial decisions. My goals for the next four years are to build on our strengths, help Corbett students continue to be among the most successful in Oregon and help preserve the interests of the
community. I know what it takes to make the tough decisions and I have worked in
unison with board members, educators and parents toward these common goals.
My relationships in the community, my experience managing resources and projects,
and finding solutions will continue to be an asset for the Board. We will work as a team
dedicated to the business of the district, creating the optimal learning and working
Your vote for me will be a vote to support quality education for Corbett students, provide the necessary resources to accomplish this and to continue creating genuine
partnerships to address real challenges.


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